The Time Is Right

Along Collins  Avenue, south towards Normandy Isles, exciting restaurants are making their mark on Miami’s dining scene and new oceanfronted spa resorts have opened, their clientele drawn by the peace; inspired by the views. The beach here is pristine and remarkably quiet, with sports and family activities making the most of the miles of golden sand. As quiet as it’s possible to get in Miami, these 70 homes are nevertheless only a 10 minute drive from the world-famous Bal Harbour Shops, as well as the heady glamour and world-class culture of South Beach. And it’s all the more pleasurable when the haven of Eighty Seven Park awaits, its cool clarity ready to soothe and restore balance to the world.

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Miami Beach

In this relaxed community at the city edge, set apart from the noise and hustle to the South, the beach is just as beautiful, the Atlantic Ocean just as dazzling, the outdoor lifestyle just as active. There are simply greater opportunities to savor it all here. The local neighborhood along Collins Avenue south towds Normandy Isles, is home to enticing resturants and new ocean-fronted spa resorts. The north lies Bal Harbour and its famous shopping mall of leading fashion houses, designer stores and resturants.

More Than Just A Building

Eighty Seven Park is more than a building, it’s a landmark for Miami Beach, the first residential building in the US by master architect Renzo Piano. Home to 70 villas suspended in the clear ocean light, his fluid design brings together architecture, design and the natural landscape.


Food and Entertainment

As quiet as it’s possible to get in Miami, Eighty Seven Park is nevertheless only a fifteen minute drive from the glamour, excitement and energy of South Beach.